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16 роял пасс

Royale Pass 16

16 Season Upgrade Card + 70 UC

royale pass 16

7.08 USD


PUBG Mobile – 15 Season Royale Pass – what’s new?

PUBG Mobile Season 15 Release Date

Season 14 will run until September 13, 2020. Therefore, PUBG Mobile Season 15 will be released on September 15, 2020.

After the end of season 14, the RP section will be closed. And users will not be able to complete tasks until the start of season 15. But soon the game will have a small automatic update. After which the Royale Pass section will become available again.

As always, there will be two Battle Pass types available for purchase in Season 15. You can buy the Elite Battle Pass for 600 UC. Or Elite Battle Pass plus 1800 UC.

The last season of PUBG Mobile is called “Spark the Flame”. It is also full of interesting tasks and rewards. Therefore, hurry up to complete missions while you still have time.

Recall that the game also has a paid subscription from the game developers and Google. It comes in two flavors: Prime and Prime Plus. You can subscribe to receive monthly rewards from the creators of the game.

15 Season PUBG Mobile Rewards

pubg mobile season 15 skin 1

List of rewards that you can receive upon reaching various levels:


This sinister outfit will be a reward for players who make it to Gold. We don’t know the exact name of the costume yet, but we do know that the mask will be a separate reward for the next level.


A mask that complements a Gold tier suit will become a Platinum tier reward.


An exclusive skin on SKS will be a reward for reaching the Diamond level.


The Season 15 parachute will be a reward for the Ac level. It will perfectly complement the costume you get at the Gold level.

The Conqueror

As with other seasons, those who make it to the Conqueror will receive an exclusive avatar frame.


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